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Steve Emanuel, the most trusted name in MBE bar preparation for over 35 years, has partnered with Fleming's to add Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE to the Fleming's Bar Review Courses.

Choose From Six Different Bar Review Courses

Fleming's Fundamentals of Law offers six different CA bar exam review courses, so you can choose the one that best suits your study needs. You receive the majority of instruction directly from Professor Jeff A. Fleming, who presents the substantive law, essay, and multi-state MBE lectures. As an extra bonus, Fleming's includes Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE. When you take Fleming's, you don't just buy the Fleming's name - you receive quality programming, materials, and personal instruction from bar exam experts.

Why You Need Fleming's Bar exam Reviews

Fleming's Bar Exam Review Courses, which include the Long Term Bar Review, Short Term Bar Review, Premier Tutorial Package, Online Home Study Bar Review, and Ultimate Bar Review, prepare you for all three CA Bar Exam tested formats. You not only receive substantive law instruction in all bar exam subjects, you also receive the exam methods and strategies to pass the essay, multi-state MBE, and the Performance section on the bar exam. As an extra bonus, Fleming's includes Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE.

For those of you who want only an essay primer, Fleming's offers the Advanced Analysis For The CA Essay Exam™, which is an online, multimedia essay course that consolidates each bar exam subject into a one-hour, nuts-and-bolts video presentation with an emphasis on essay approaches, checklists, and strategies for issue spotting. This program can be used in conjunction with another bar review course you may be taking or as a learning tool all by itself. You can order individual subjects or the entire collection.

Consistent Bar Review Instruction

All Fleming's staff professors and attorney tutors are trained in the Fleming's methods and strategies. Thus, when taking any Fleming's bar review program, you receive consistent instruction, personal attention, and opportunities to write and submit writing assignments to our attorney readers, who critique them on audio CD and return them to you within one week of submission in the Fleming's offices.

Bar Preparation FAQs

The bar exam is not a law school exam. The bar exam is a test of strategy. You need to learn the crucial methods and strategies to succeed on bar exams, skills that are not generally taught in law school.

Further, many students do not take all bar exam subjects in law school or when they do, their professors do not always cover all the law tested on the bar exam. Law school professors frequently pick and choose the topics they want to teach in their particular classes, leaving out much of the substantive law that appears on bar exams. You need a bar review to fill in any gaps in your substantive law knowledge.

You can learn the law from many different sources, but a bar review consolidates the law you need to know and presents it with test-taking in mind. A bar review also provides active learning mechanisms that you do not typically get in law school.

Bar reviews teach you the law and, as important, how to use it on all bar exam testing formats. Bar reviews also provide feedback for the exams you submit for grading, something you rarely receive in law school. Bar reviews show you what the Bar Examiners are looking for in issue spotting, rule statements, analysis application, organization, writing style, and the methods and strategies you need to succeed on the bar exam.

Fleming's bar reviews combine substantive law lectures with exam preparation for all three exam formats tested on the bar exam. Fleming's provides you with all you need to succeed.

Fleming's is not a one-size-fits-all bar review provider. Fleming's offers six different bar reviews from which to choose, so you can enroll in the one that best suits your study schedule, your learning style, and your learning needs. 

In all Fleming's bar reviews, you can interact with the instructors, ask questions in and out of class, and actively participate in the learning process. In all Fleming's bar reviews, you receive oral feedback on audio CD for every exam answer you submit to its attorney readers for grading. Every Monday, Fleming's attorney readers pick up the exams that have been submitted for grading. The readers evaluate the exams and return them for distribution within one week.

Fleming's bar reviews offer smaller classes that are tailored to your individual needs, strengths, and skills. Fleming's staff attorneys are available to you Monday - Friday during office hours to answer any questions you may have.

Fleming's has over thirty-five years of experience in bar review. Fleming's knows what works, which areas of substantive law are tested, and what the bar graders look for in a passing bar exam answer. Fleming's bar review expertise provides you with what you need to succeed.

Please go to our Bar Preparation page for more details on each Fleming's bar review.

Fleming’s offers six different bar reviews. Each is structured a little differently. For example, our Long Term Bar Review is a full-service course that meets primarily on weekends for five months. Saturdays are devoted to substantive law and MBE. Sundays are devoted to exam analysis and application. Two full weekends are devoted to the Performance exam methods and strategies. Long Term can be taken live or on homestudy. 

Our Short Term Bar Review is a full-service course that meets weekends and Monday and Tuesday evenings for six weeks. Saturdays and Monday evenings are devoted to substantive law and MBE. Sundays and Tuesday evenings are devoted to exam analysis and application. Two full weekends are devoted to Performance exam methods and strategies. Short Term can be taken live or on homestudy.

Our Ultimate Bar Tutorial (UBT) is a full service, four-and-a-half month course limited to twenty students. It meets on Saturdays, Sundays, and two-to-three times during weekdays. Private tutorial is included. The UBT can only be taken live in the Fleming's offices. 

Our Premier Tutorial Package Bar Review is a full service course that combines either the Long Term or Short Term Bar Review with twenty-three hours of private tutorial with attorney tutors. Bar candidates choose either the Long Term or Short Term Bar Review and schedule their private tutorial sessions when they want them. 

Our Advanced Analysis™ Bar Review is an online, multimedia presentation, specifically designed for essay skills-building. Each presentation distills a particular bar exam subject into a one-hour video presentation. Each presentation covers exam methods and strategies for each particular subject, using approaches and checklists for issue spotting, organization, and writing. Selected essays with sample answers are included.

Please go to our Bar Review page for more details. 

Yes! Fleming’s offers full service, personalized bar exam reviews. We provide substantive law instruction with corresponding substantive law outlines, MBE instruction with corresponding MBE questions and answers, essay and Performance exam instruction with simulated exams, together with personalized oral feedback on CD for every writing assignment you submit to our attorney readers. We provide everything you need to succeed on the bar exam.

Fleming’s staff of attorneys are available Monday - Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. to answer any questions you have during the course of its variety of bar reviews.

In addition, Fleming’s provides stress management instruction and includes hypnotherapy class sessions with Ben Moss, a noted hypnotherapist.

Private tutoring is also available for a separate fee, (except for the Ultimate Bar Tutorial and the Premier Tutorial Package bar exam reviews, both in which private tutorial is included.) 

Fleming’s keeps you motivated, provides you with a manageable study schedule, and guides you through the bar exam study process.

Yes. Fleming’s bar reviews give you all the substantive law you need to pass the bar exam. Not only do our user-friendly substantive law lectures and outlines provide you with the law tested on the bar exam, Fleming’s materials also include approaches, checklists, and strategies for each section tested so that you not only learn the law – you learn how to apply the law to actual bar exam questions. 

Yes. Essay, MBE, and Performance testing is regularly scheduled and conducted under simulated bar exam conditions in each of Fleming's bar reviews. As an example, in Fleming’s Long Term Bar Review, in addition to the exams covered during class instruction, you are assigned forty-eight essay exams and nine Performance exams to write and submit for an oral, audio CD critique and grading. In Fleming’s Short Term Bar Review, in addition to the exams covered during class instruction, you are assigned thirty-five essay exams and four Performance exams to write and submit for an oral, audio critique and grading.

Once you complete the assigned exams in the Fleming's course you are taking, you may submit an unlimited number of other essay and Performance answers for additional feedback. All assigned exams submitted to the Fleming’s attorney readers are graded according to CA Bar Exam standards. 

Students who attend the Fleming's live bar review courses write and submit their exam answers in class on the day the exams are assigned and written. Those taking the course online submit their exam answers to the Fleming's offices via e-mail, U.S mail, or fax after writing them at their own study location. 

Yes. Our Fleming’s attorney readers critique every written exam answer that you submit during bar review, using an oral, audio CD medium to personalize the feedback. The readers go through each page of the sumbitted exam answer, telling you what is correct and why, what is incorrect and why, and how to correct all identified problems in the writing sample. 

Fleming’s attorney readers pick up your submitted exams every Monday. Our readers critique and grade those exams and return them to you within one week. 

You should sign up as soon as possible for bar review. When you put a deposit down toward any Fleming's bar review, we freeze the registration price and we provide you with selected bar review materials that you can use for your law school classes and for early review of the classes you have already taken. 

Further, many bar candidates start bar review during their last semester or even earlier, because starting early prepares you early, giving you time to really learn the substantive law and exam methods and strategies in a non-stressful way. You avoid madly cramming at the last minute. Early bar review preparation allows you to be more prepared, more ready, and more at ease when your bar exam comes around.

Yes. Lack of success on the bar exam can result for many reasons. It is nearly impossible to self-diagnose. Some bar candidates are weak in the law and need additional substantive law instruction, some need to improve their issue spotting and writing skills, and some suffer from test panic.

Fleming's is a specialist in diagnosing what prevented a bar candidate from passing the bar exam and providing the bar review resources needed to improve the area of weakness.

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