Fleming's for Law Students

You are in law school and have worked hard to get there. now, you must begin preparing for life as a law student.

Learning the law and knowing how to use it on law exams are skills you need to succeed in law school. Fleming's substantive lectures and outlines, exam workshops, and law school supplements show you how.

Learning the law is the first step to success in law school. Demonstrating your ability to apply it on law school exams is the second step. Fleming's streamlines your study time by showing you how to efficiently develop and perfect both steps for success in law school.

With You All The Way

Your 1st Year Of Law School

First Year Of Law School

You are In law school and your success depends on your ability to learn the law and apply that law on your law school exams. 

Your Second Year of Law School

Second Year of Law School

You survived your first year. In your second year, you must advance your legal knowledge and refine your analytical skills.

Your Third Year of Law School

Third Year Of Law School

You made it to your third year. You must stay motivated, perfect your legal knowledge and analytical skills, and plan for the bar examination.

Your Fourth Year of Law School

Fourth Year Of Law School

You made it to your fourth year. Now, you must master your legal knowledge, refine your analytical skills, and prepare for the bar examination.