Baby Bar Exam Review

set yourself up for success on the baby bar exam and simplify your study with fleming's fundamentals of law.

For 35 years, Fleming's has been the leading provider for Baby Bar preparation, offering substantive law reviews with examination methods and strategies for success on the Baby Bar Exam.

Why You Need Fleming's Baby Bar Review

The CA Baby Bar Exam Review begins with a comprehensive, substantive law review of each Baby Bar subject followed by essay and multiple choice exam strategies. Approaches, checklists, and writing techniques are integrated throughout to enhance your issue spotting, analysis, and application skills, all of which are necessary to pass the Baby Bar Examination.

Materials Include

Fleming’s Baby Bar course provides the best baby bar and law school exam prep books and resources anywhere. Fleming's course eliminates your need to reinvent the wheel. The Baby Bar Review materials include Contracts/U.C.C, Torts and Criminal Law substantive law outlines, a Legal Exam Writing Workbook, 155 essay exams with Fleming's sample model answers and passing student answers (graded by the Baby Bar Examiners) for in-class and student essay writing, and 1,200 multiple choice MBE questions.

Baby Bar FAQs

The Baby Bar Exam, known as the First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE), is a qualifying exam administered by the Committee of Bar Examiners. First year law students who attend unaccredited law schools must take it and pass it after completing their first year of law school in order to proceed to their next year in law school.  

The Baby Bar Exam tests the subjects of Contracts/U.C.C., Torts, and Criminal Law. The exam consists of four essay exams and 100 multiple choice questions. The exam's difficulty level is akin to that of the CA Bar Exam. Thus, first year students who take the Baby Bar Exam are expected to demonstrate the level of legal analysis and writing skills that those taking the CA Bar Exam must demonstrate. For that reason, students who must take the Baby Bar Exam are wise to attend a Baby Bar review course, ideally the four-day Fleming's Baby Bar Review Course, before taking the exam in order to develop the skills necessary to pass. 

The Fleming's Baby Bar Review course is all inclusive as follows: 

  • It covers all sections of the Baby Bar Exam for one affordable price;
  • It is the most extensive program available for the combination of substantive law, writing, and multiple choice questions;
  • Its method of instruction is comprehensive, consistent and practical;
  • It is the only Baby Bar review course that offers detailed and extensive student exam critiques on audio CD;
  • Its limited enrollment gives students personalized attention; and,
  • Professor Fleming, a noted expert who has been teaching Baby Bar Exam preparation methods and strategies for over thirty-five years, teaches the entire course.
  • Live, in-depth comprehensive substantive law lectures in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law subjects by Professor Fleming;
  • Extensive instruction in analysis, organization and writing skills;
  • Clearly developed approaches, checklists and mnemonics for every substantive law subject tested on the CA Baby Bar Exam;
  • Issue recognition techniques;
  • Essay outlining and organizing techniques;
  • Crossover exam instruction;
  • In-class analysis and outlining techniques on over 15 past Baby Bar/Bar essays;
  • Extensive student writing opportunities;
  • Personal audio feedback on six assigned essays submitted to Fleming’s attorney readers;
  • 1,200 multiple choice questions with answers;
  • Accurate Baby Bar Examination predictions;
  • Telephone consultation with on-staff attorneys
  • One volume of substantive law outlines in the three tested CA Baby Bar subjects;
  • Over 1,200 Multiple choice practice questions/answers from various sources, including the Finz Multistate Method and Fleming’s Multistate Books;
  • Multiple choice subject CD’s emphasizing multiple choice test strategy;
  • Two volumes of essay exam hypothetical workbooks, consisting of over one-hundred-fifty-five past Baby Bar essay hypotheticals with sample model answers for those examinations that are not presented in-class; and
  • Stress reduction DVD.

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