Your Second Year of Law School

you survived your first year. now, in your second year, you must advance your legal knowledge and refine your analytical skills. 

Compete at a higher level and improve your class standing with Fleming's substantive law lectures and outlines, exam writing workshops, law school exam guides, and many other second year supplements.

Fleming's + 2L = Vision

Your second year of law school brings increased challenges to compete and succeed, which requires you to demonstrate a hightened degree of proficiency in your legal knowledge, reasoning skills, and proficiency on law school exams.

With Fleming's resources on your side, you learn the how to efficiently manage the increased volume of material you must learn, and how to refine the skills you need to succeed on law school exams.

Fleming's is your law school exam guide. Fleming's provides easy-to-follow substantive law lectures and outlines, together with law school exam tips you need to succeed.

Resources Include

  • Substantive law outlines that streamline the time it takes to learn the law; 
  • Substantive law reviews combined with test-taking approaches and checklists that give you the methods, strategies, and techniques to learn and apply the law to facts;
  • Exam workshops that teach you how to analyze and apply the law to law school exams;
  • Essay and multiple choice exam books that provide you with opportunities to practice and perfect the reasoning skills you must demonstrate on all types of law school exams;
  • Private tutorial services with licensed attorneys, who maximize your learning experience through individual tutoring sessions customized to your particular needs.

2L Successful Beginnings

After 35 years as a legal education provider, Fleming’s knows you must study smart. You do not have unlimited time to spend figuring out how to get the most from your study process.

Fleming’s study guides are the best law school exam prep books and resources anywhere because they eliminate your need to reinvent the wheel. They offer you substantive law reviewssubstantive law outlinesexam writing workshopsexam workbooksprivate tutorial services, and other resources that maximize your learning and minimize the time it takes you to accomplish your objectives.

Benefits As A 2L

Competing at a higher level is your second year goal. Fleming’s is the only legal education provider that shows you the way. Fleming's has the best law school exam prep books and resources that include substantive law reviewssubstantive law outlinesexam writing workshopsexam workbooks, and private tutorial services. These recources teach you how to study smart, master the law, refine your analytical skills, and get the most out of your study time. The sooner you make Fleming's your study partner, the greater your success will be.


To be admitted to practice law in CA, you must pass The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), in addition to the general bar exam. 

The MPRE is a sixty-question, two-hour multiple choice exam that measures your knowledge and understanding of the rules of professional conduct related to lawyers and judges. 

You may take the MPRE anytime after completing your first year of law school and after registering with the Committee of Bar Examiners. 

For more information on the MPRE, please visit the State Bar web site at  

Prior to admission to the CA State Bar, you must complete a moral character application. The application requires you to show that you presently possess the "good moral character" necessary for admission to practice law in CA.

You should submit your moral character application during your second or third year of law school. Application processing may take up to one year.

For more information on the moral character application process, please visit the State Bar web site at  

In addition to your required courses, you can choose which second year elective courses to take. Certainly, you want to choose courses in which you have an interest. However, you should make an effort to select bar exam course subjects because these are what you will be tested on when you take the bar exam.

If you do not take all bar exam related subjects during law school, you will have to learn this material during bar exam review preparation. Students who do not take bar related subjects during law school are often overwhelmed by the amount of material they have to learn just before taking the bar exam, which makes bar preparation more difficult. By choosing bar-tested subjects as your course electives, you will learning what you need to pass the bar and you will be starting your bar preparation early. 

You are best served by taking all bar exam subjects while you are in law school. Remember, bar review should be just that – a review of material you have already learned in law school. 

You improve your grades by improving your legal exam test proficiency. That is what “thinking like a lawyer” means.

Knowing the law and applying the law are two different skills. Often, law students devote themselves to memorizing the substantive law rules, and they can easily recite them when questioned. However, they still perform poorly on law exams because they have not also developed the essential analysis and application skills they must demonstrate on their law school exams. Taking a legal exam writing course will help fix this specific problem, along with taking practice exams on a consistent basis under timed conditions.

A legal exam writing course is designed to teach you how to effectively analyze facts in a law exam and apply the law you have spent so much effort learning to those facts. Mastering analytical skills always results in higher exam grades.

It's never too late to change your law school academic story and feel more confident going into your law exams. If you want to improve your grades during your second year, practice essay and MBE exam test questions before taking your law school exams. In this way, you wll learn how to apply the law instead of just memorizing it. 

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