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Fleming's New 90-Minute Performance Exam Online Workshop Now Available

The Fleming's Performance Exam Workshop is a brand new, four-day online course that teaches you a step-by-step method with timing and strategy techniques for the 90-minute Performance Test (MPT), using 13 sample exams with model outlines and answers for demonstration. 

CA Lawmakers Lobby To Lower Bar Exam Standards

On March 2, 2017, the Assembly CA Legislature Committee on Judiciary sent a letter to the Honorable Tani Cabtil-Sakauyo, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of CA, with its concerns about the declining pass rates on the CA bar exam. It asked that she consider reducing the score required to pass. The Committee urged her to address the "crises" by temporarily lowering the minimum score required to pass the exam (called the cut score), while further exploring the relationship between the score and its impact on the quality of jurisprudence in the state.

Description And Grading Of The CA Bar Exam Beginning July, 2017

As of July, 2017, the CA Bar Exam will go from what is currently a 3-day test to a 2-day test. There will be 3 parts: 5 essay questions, 200 MBE questions, and one 90-minute Performance exam. On Tuesday morning, applicants will have 3 hours to answer 3 essay questions. During the afternoon session, applicants will have 3.5 hours to answer 2 essay questions and one Performance Exam. On Wednesday, applicants will have 3 hours in the morning to answer 100 MBE questions, and 3 hours in the afternoon to answer 100 more MBE questions.  

Lawyer, Marine Hero, Father - Frank Daugherty Passes The Bar With Fleming's

Earning a law degree and passing the bar exam the 1st time, all while an active-duty Marine working 29 straight days with a 24-hour shift every three days within that cycle, is extraordinary. "My first year was a challenge. Legal writing was a problem. I took Fleming's Writing Workshop. I found it extremely helpful. My bar prep course was a lifeline. I did Fleming's Short-Term Review and walked into the bar exam knowing I was ready." To read more about Attorney Daugherty's remarkable journey and his useful time-management strategies, click on the title.

MacPro With Touch Bar Excluded For Use At Bar Exam

The Committee of Bar Examiners released a notice that the MacPro With Touch Bar is prohibited for use at the Bar Exam because it has a function that defeats the SoftTest program security. As a result, bar candidates will not be allowed to use the MacPro With Touch Bar for the February, 2017 Bar Exam in the following states: CA, MA, TN, NY, OK, and WY. Bar candidates who recently purchased this version of the MAC will have to find another alternative laptop to use for the exam. Please click on the link above for the full text of the notice. 

Real Property MBE Law Changes For The February, 2017 Bar Examination

Effective with the February 2017 CA Bar Exam, there will be changes to the Real Property scope of coverage for the MBE. New topics will include conflicts of law; property owners’ associations and common interest ownership communities; drafting, review, and negotiation of closing documents; and persons authorized to execute real estate documents.

July, 2016 Bar Results Are The Lowest Since 1988

The Bar Examiners reported the July, 2016 bar results today. 43% passed. 7,737 applicants took the bar exam. 3,322 passed. These are the lowest July results since 1988. Even ABA first-time takers showed a decreased pass rate. Only 62% passed. Thus, when choosing a bar review, carefully consider the services provided, and how many exam application and writing opportunities are offered in the course. Learning the law is only the first step. Step two, developing exam skills, is what it takes to pass. Fleming’s bar review provides the most essay, Performance, and MBE skill training than its competitors. Fleming's attorneys orally critique every submitted exam on CD or Drop-box.

Early Reporting From Fleming's Bar Candidates Who Passed The July, 2016 Bar Exam

Fleming's bar candidates come from every level of law school study. The success rate for Fleming's bar candidates is notable, not only with those from ABA and State Accredited schools, but also those from out-of-state and unaccredited law schools. In previous years, the Bar Examiners published a list of passing bar candidates. It suspended this practice in 2016 due to privacy concerns. Those who passed the July, 2016 bar exam and contacted Fleming's to report their results include:

Ms. NA, Esq. (name withheld) - Brazilian Attorney - USC LLM Program

Marsel Elias, Esq. - Loyola New Orleans, Esq.

Edna Felix, Esq. - So Cal Institute of Law

Allison Krumhorn, Esq. - Chicago - Kent College of Law

Kasey Nielsen, Esq. - Irvine College of Law

Victoria Shaykhutdinova, Esq. - Loyola Law School

Julio Vasquez, Esq. - University of West Los Angeles

Brooke Waldrop - University of Utah 

NCBE Announces MBE Scoring Changes for the February, 2017 Bar Exam

On August 31, 2016, the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) posted a notification that as of the February, 2017 bar exam, the manner in which the MBE portion of the test is scored will be changed. The MBE test consists of 200 total questions (items). Of that 200 total, 175 of the questions (items) will be scored.  Of the 175 scored questions (items), there will be 25 questions (items) for each of the seven testable subjects. The remaining 25 items will be regarded as “pretest questions.” These 25 questions (items) will not be scored. 

Law School Deans Oppose ABA’S Tougher Bar Exam Rule

The ABA’s Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar is considering a proposal to change the rules regarding bar exam pass rates for bar candidates from ABA-accredited law schools. The proposal will require 75% of an ABA-accredited law school’s bar exam takers to pass the test within two years for the school to maintain its ABA accreditation. Proponents maintain the proposal would “prevent schools from accepting students with little chance of becoming lawyers.”

Two-Day CA Bar Examination Starting July, 2017

A proposal to shorten CA's bar exam from three days to two, starting July, 2017, won unanimous approval from the State Bar Board of Trustees in July. This is the first format change in more than 25 years and will bring CA in line with a majority of states that offer a two-day bar exam. It will also save the CA State Bar $1.1 million a year.

Committee Of Bar Examiners Meets To Correct Monumental Mistake On the June, 2016 Baby Bar Exam

On the June 28, 2016 First Year Law Students Exam, also known as the Baby Bar, the Bar Examiners made a monumental mistake by inadvertantly including a Criminal Procedure essay on an exam whose subject matter is restricted to Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. The Committee has employed the services of a psychometrician to evaluate the best method to calculate final scores.

Graduate From Unaccredited Online Law School Passes The CA Bar Exam

Attorney Sean Cash, a graduate from an unaccredited online law school in Southern CA, passed the CA Bar Exam with Fleming’s. After enrolling at Taft Law School, and while working full time and raising his family, Attorney Cash used Fleming’s substantive law courses, reviews, and written materials to supplement his classes. The Fleming’s study supplements proved essential in helping him learn, understand, and apply the law. Attorney Cash went on to pass the Baby Bar, and then the CA Bar Exam, known as the hardest bar exam in the United States.

Bar Examiners Make A Monumental Mistake on the June 2016 Baby Bar Exam

On the June 28, 2016 First Year Law Students Exam, also known as the Baby Bar, the Bar Examiners made a monumental mistake by inadvertantly including a Criminal Procedure essay on an exam whose subject matter is restricted to Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. This mistake caused a panic amongst the group of examinees who never studied Criminal Procedure. The Committee will now have to come up with measures to rectify the mistake in order to make the grading process fair for those who took that exam.

Civil Procedure MBE Changes For The July, 2016 Bar Examination

The CA Bar Examination for July, 2016 will now include the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments through 2015 and the sections of Title 28 to the U.S. Code pertaining to jurisdiction, venue, and transfer. Fleming's has updated its Civil Procedure MBE questions and answers to include these additional topics.

Required Skills For New Attorneys

The CA State Bar is evaluating the obvious lack of legal practice skills that new lawyers demonstrate after graduating from law school and entering the practice of law. A new set of proposals will require would-be lawyers to obtain practical skills and experience before being admitted to the CA State Bar.

Emanuel for the MBE Partners With Fleming's Bar Review

Steve Emanuel, the most trusted name in MBE bar preparation for over 35 years, partners with Fleming's to add Emanuel’s Bootcamp for the MBE to the Fleming’s Bar Review. With Emanuel’s Bootcamp for the MBE combined with Fleming’s, there is no better bar preparation course.

Assistant Dean Passes The Bar Exam With Fleming's

Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law had the pleasure of working with Professor Leah M. Christensen, the former Assistant Dean of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Services at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, during her bar exam preparation. With Fleming’s at her side, Professor Christensen passed the CA bar exam on her first attempt. Read why she chose Fleming's for her bar review.

Bar Exam Changes To Real Property MBEs

The National Conference of Bar Examiners has announced that starting with the February, 2017 bar exam, the Real Property MBE topics will be revised to include conflicts of law; property owners’ associations and common interest ownership communities; drafting, review, and negotiations of closing documents; and persons authorized to execute real estate documents.