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Graduate From Unaccredited Online Law School Passes The CA Bar Exam

Attorney Sean Cash, a graduate from an unaccredited online law school in Southern CA, passed the CA Bar Exam with Fleming’s. After enrolling at Taft Law School, and while working full time and raising his family, Attorney Cash used Fleming’s substantive law courses, reviews, and written materials to supplement his classes. The Fleming’s study supplements proved essential in helping him learn, understand, and apply the law. Attorney Cash went on to pass the Baby Bar, and then the CA Bar Exam, known as the hardest bar exam in the United States.

Bar Examiners Make A Monumental Mistake on the June 2016 Baby Bar Exam

On the June 28, 2016 First Year Law Students Exam, also known as the Baby Bar, the Bar Examiners made a monumental mistake by inadvertantly including a Criminal Procedure essay on an exam whose subject matter is restricted to Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. This mistake caused a panic amongst the group of examinees who never studied Criminal Procedure. The Committee will now have to come up with measures to rectify the mistake in order to make the grading process fair for those who took that exam.

Civil Procedure MBE Changes For The July, 2016 Bar Examination

The CA Bar Examination for July, 2016 will now include the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments through 2015 and the sections of Title 28 to the U.S. Code pertaining to jurisdiction, venue, and transfer. Fleming's has updated its Civil Procedure MBE questions and answers to include these additional topics.

Required Skills For New Attorneys

The CA State Bar is evaluating the obvious lack of legal practice skills that new lawyers demonstrate after graduating from law school and entering the practice of law. A new set of proposals will require would-be lawyers to obtain practical skills and experience before being admitted to the CA State Bar.

Emanuel for the MBE Partners With Fleming's Bar Review

Steve Emanuel, the most trusted name in MBE bar preparation for over 35 years, partners with Fleming's to add Emanuel’s Bootcamp for the MBE to the Fleming’s Bar Review. With Emanuel’s Bootcamp for the MBE combined with Fleming’s, there is no better bar preparation course.

Assistant Dean Passes The Bar Exam With Fleming's

Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law had the pleasure of working with Professor Leah M. Christensen, the former Assistant Dean of Academic Success and Bar Preparation Services at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, during her bar exam preparation. With Fleming’s at her side, Professor Christensen passed the CA bar exam on her first attempt. Read why she chose Fleming's for her bar review.

Bar Exam Changes To Real Property MBEs

The National Conference of Bar Examiners has announced that starting with the February, 2017 bar exam, the Real Property MBE topics will be revised to include conflicts of law; property owners’ associations and common interest ownership communities; drafting, review, and negotiations of closing documents; and persons authorized to execute real estate documents.

Reforming The Bar Exam To Produce Better Lawyers

"A recent overhaul of the bar exam deserves a flunking grade," according to Professor Bratman, an associate professor of legal writing at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Rather than adding additional test subjects to the essay and multiple-choice sections of the bar exam, Professor Bratman asks, "How about focusing on skills like factual investigation?" 

Federal Civil Procedure MBE Questions and Answers

Beginning with the February, 2015 Bar Exam, Federal Civil Procedure will be added as a multiple choice bar exam subject. Fleming's has available a Federal Civil Procedure Compendium consisting of a set of 100 Federal Civil Procedure questions with explanatory answers combined with a substantive law outline to prepare you for this newly tested subject on the MBE.  

Be Energized, Not Paralyzed, When Preparing For The CA Bar Exam

Fleming's specializes in analytical and exam-writing skills that help law school students master law school exams and law school graduates pass the Ca Bar Exam. Here are some of Fleming's “words of wisdom” recently published in the Trinity Law Magazine to help you go from law student to lawyer with Fleming's. 

Proposed Changes To The CA Bar Exam

The Committee of Bar Examiners propose reducing the Bar Exam from three days to two and making the Performance Exam a 90-minute test.