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July, 2016 Bar Results Are The Lowest Since 1988

The Bar Examiners reported the July, 2016 bar results today. 43% passed. 7,737 applicants took the bar exam. 3,322 passed. These are the lowest July results since 1988. Even ABA first-time takers showed a decreased pass rate. Only 62% passed. Thus, when choosing a bar review, carefully consider the services provided, and how many exam application and writing opportunities are offered in the course. Learning the law is only the first step. Step two, developing exam skills, is what it takes to pass. Fleming’s bar review provides the most essay, Performance, and MBE skill training than its competitors. Fleming's attorneys orally critique every submitted exam on CD or Drop-box.

Early Reporting From Fleming's Bar Candidates Who Passed The July, 2016 Bar Exam

Fleming's bar candidates come from every level of law school study. The success rate for Fleming's bar candidates is notable, not only with those from ABA and State Accredited schools, but also those from out-of-state and unaccredited law schools. In previous years, the Bar Examiners published a list of passing bar candidates. It suspended this practice in 2016 due to privacy concerns. Those who passed the July, 2016 bar exam and contacted Fleming's to report their results include:

Ms. NA, Esq. (name withheld) - Brazilian Attorney - USC LLM Program

Marsel Elias, Esq. - Loyola New Orleans, Esq.

Edna Felix, Esq. - So Cal Institute of Law

Allison Krumhorn, Esq. - Chicago - Kent College of Law

Kasey Nielsen, Esq. - Irvine College of Law

Victoria Shaykhutdinova, Esq. - Loyola Law School

Julio Vasquez, Esq. - University of West Los Angeles

Brooke Waldrop - University of Utah