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Committee Of Bar Examiners Meets To Correct Monumental Mistake On the June, 2016 Baby Bar Exam

On the June 28, 2016 First Year Law Students Exam, also known as the Baby Bar, the Bar Examiners made a monumental mistake by inadvertantly including a Criminal Procedure essay on an exam whose subject matter is restricted to Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. The Committee has employed the services of a psychometrician to evaluate the best method to calculate final scores.

Graduate From Unaccredited Online Law School Passes The CA Bar Exam

Attorney Sean Cash, a graduate from an unaccredited online law school in Southern CA, passed the CA Bar Exam with Fleming’s. After enrolling at Taft Law School, and while working full time and raising his family, Attorney Cash used Fleming’s substantive law courses, reviews, and written materials to supplement his classes. The Fleming’s study supplements proved essential in helping him learn, understand, and apply the law. Attorney Cash went on to pass the Baby Bar, and then the CA Bar Exam, known as the hardest bar exam in the United States.