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Law School Deans Oppose ABA’S Tougher Bar Exam Rule

The ABA’s Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar is considering a proposal to change the rules regarding bar exam pass rates for bar candidates from ABA-accredited law schools. The proposal will require 75% of an ABA-accredited law school’s bar exam takers to pass the test within two years for the school to maintain its ABA accreditation. Proponents maintain the proposal would “prevent schools from accepting students with little chance of becoming lawyers.”

Two-Day CA Bar Examination Starting July, 2017

A proposal to shorten CA's bar exam from three days to two, starting July, 2017, won unanimous approval from the State Bar Board of Trustees in July. This is the first format change in more than 25 years and will bring CA in line with a majority of states that offer a two-day bar exam. It will also save the CA State Bar $1.1 million a year.