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CA Lawmakers Lobby To Lower Bar Exam Standards

On March 2, 2017, the Assembly CA Legislature Committee on Judiciary sent a letter to the Honorable Tani Cabtil-Sakauyo, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of CA, with its concerns about the declining pass rates on the CA bar exam. It asked that she consider reducing the score required to pass. The Committee urged her to address the "crises" by temporarily lowering the minimum score required to pass the exam (called the cut score), while further exploring the relationship between the score and its impact on the quality of jurisprudence in the state.

Lawyer, Marine Hero, Father - Frank Daugherty Passes The Bar With Fleming's

Earning a law degree and passing the bar exam the 1st time, all while an active-duty Marine working 29 straight days with a 24-hour shift every three days within that cycle, is extraordinary. "My first year was a challenge. Legal writing was a problem. I took Fleming's Writing Workshop. I found it extremely helpful. My bar prep course was a lifeline. I did Fleming's Short-Term Review and walked into the bar exam knowing I was ready." To read more about Attorney Daugherty's remarkable journey and his useful time-management strategies, click on the title.