July 2018 Bar Exam MBE Scores Crash to 34-Year Low

According to Above The Law, states across the nation who have released their July, 2018 bar exam results so far show that bar exam performance "could not get any worse." Reports indicate that the MBE scores as of July, 2018 have not been as low since 1984 when the MBE scaled score was 139.2.

For purposes of recent comparison, the July, 2017 MBE scaled score was 141.7. The July, 2018 MBE score is 139.5, a 34-year low.  "Performance on the written portion of the bar exam tracks MBE performance," said National Conference of Bar Examiners President Judith Gunderson. "Pass rates will be lower in most jurisdictions. Already some jurisdictions have completed grading and have released thier results. There have been upticks, but generally, lower performance and bar passage is expected."