Bar Reviews

Fleming’s six different bar review courses cover all CA Bar Exam subjects, together with essay, multiple choice MBE, and Performance training. You can take these reviews live or you can choose to take Fleming's home study course. As a special bonus, Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE is now included.

Fleming's California bar exam review course choices give you the flexibility to choose the best bar exam review course that suits your personal schedule and study preferences. You can attend live, or you can take Fleming's Online Home Study Bar Review Course. Whichever Fleming's review course you choose, you will learn what you need to succeed on the California bar examination.

Why you need fleming's bar review courses

  • Fleming’s bar exam review courses cover the substantive law tested on the CA Bar Exam and train you how to apply the law on all three California testing formats, all for one affordable registration price;
  • During bar review lectures, Fleming’s law professors and staff attorneys make complex subjects simple and do-able;
  • Combined with bar review audio lectures, Fleming’s online bar review courses provide you with detailed, audio CD feedback for every essay and Performance exam answer you submit to its attorney readers; and
  • Fleming's staff attorneys are available during business hours at the Fleming's offices to answer your questions.

Fleming's Bar Review Products

Fleming’s Premier Tutorial Package is a full service Bar Review program that combines our Long Term or Short Term Bar Review with twenty-three hours of private tutorial with Fleming's expert attorney tutors. Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE is included. 

For students who cannot attend the live Fleming’s Long Term, Short Term or Premier Tutorial Package for Bar Review, Fleming’s offers an online audio/video review course. Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE is included. Begins anytime after March 2, 2019 for the July, 2019 Bar Exam.

Fleming’s Short Term Bar Review is given live on weekends and Monday and Tuesday evenings. It is designed for those who want a concentrated course over a short period of time. Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE is included. Begins May 15, 2019 for the July, 2019 Bar Exam.

Fleming’s Long Term Bar Review is a live, five-month bar exam review course that meets primarily on weekends. It is designed to spread out bar preparation, giving more time to master legal knowledge and exam skills. Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE is included. Begins March 2, 2019 for the July, 2019 Bar Exam.

The Advanced Analysis For The CA Bar Essay Exam™ is an online, multi-media essay primer that consolidates each bar subject into a one-hour, nuts-and-bolts video presentation that  emphasizes essay issue spotting approaches, checklists, and strategies. Begins any time after March, 2018 for the July, 2018 Bar Exam.