Law School Exam Workshops

Law exam proficiency is a skill you must learn to succeed in law school. Fleming's workshops give you the law school exam writing tips that help you develop and master issue spotting, analysis, and the writing skills you need to succeed. 

why you need fleming's WORKSHOPS

Law exams test your mastery of the law and your ability to apply it on different types of law exams. Each Fleming's exam workshop teaches you how to effectively develop your test skills by providing you with methods and strategies you need to achieve high grades and avoid making costly mistakes on your law exams. 

Fleming's Workshops

The Legal Essay Exam Writing Workshop is a two-day, twelve hour program that teaches you the three skills every law student must develop and master to pass legal essay exams. The course is available live and for home study.

The Exam Focus System is a 5 session live, interactive online chat emphasizing essay and multiple choice testing skills in Torts, Contracts/U.C.C., and Criminal Law for the Baby Bar Exam. Begins May 25, 2019 for the June, 2019 Baby Bar Exam.

The Science of the MultistateTM is a state of the art, online workshop created exclusively for law students (no matter what year) to learn and master multiple choice MBE test-taking techniques.

The Performance Exam Workshop is a four-day course that teaches you a step-by-step method with timing and strategy techniques, using 13 sample 90-minute Performance exams with model outlines and answers for demonstration.