Multistate (MBE) Workshop

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The Science of the Multistate™ Workshop is a 5 1/2 hour online course that teaches you how to increase your MBE test scores in law school and on the Baby Bar and Bar Examination.

This workshop prepares you for all multiple choice MBE testing formats. You can use the written course materials as a reference guide throughout law school to reinforce the multiple choice techniques you learn during the workshop. 

why you need the science of the multistate 

Multiple choice exams, also referred to as the MBE, are not only tested in law school, they also make up 50% of the Baby Bar Exam score and 35% of the CA Bar Exam score. Thus, you must adapt to and master the MBE testing format before you take your multiple choice MBE law exams.

The Science of the Multistate™ Workshop teaches you what law school does not, including: 

  • Multiple choice logic,
  • Multiple choice interpretation,
  • Multiple choice analysis, and
  • Multiple choice reading comprehension.

Materials INclude

  • A comprehensive, eighty-seven page Science of the Multistate™ Workbook that includes practice MBE questions with explanatory answers.

Course Presented By

Jared Gross

Jared Gross


Professor Jared Gross, a Santa Clara graduate, is a nationally-known multiple choice examination expert who achieved a perfect score on the LSAT and who teaches MBE skills for the Fleming's Bar Review.