Performance Exam Workshop

The Performance Exam Workshop is a 4-day bar review course that teaches you a step-by-step method for success on the 90-minute Performance Exam, and includes exam outlining, timing, and writing strategies with the opportunity to submit four Performance exam answers for personal, audio feedback.

why you need the bar exam Performance Workshop 

The Performance Exam tests lawyering skills. The Performance Exam Workshop teaches these skills, including how to interpret call instructions, how to navigate through the exam packet within established time parameters, how to gather relevant factual and legal data you need from the file and library materials, and how to use that information to write your answer.

Fleming's Performance Exam Workshops

The Performance Exam Workshop is a 4-day course that teaches you a step-by-step method for attacking the 90-minute Performance Exam, together with examination timing, tactics, and strategies. Live course begins June 22, 2019 for the July, 2019 Bar Exam.

For those who cannot attend the live presentations of the Fleming’s Performance Exam Workshop, Fleming’s offers an Online Workshop that follows the live Performance program. The Online Performance Workshop is available at any time.