Jeff A. Fleming


Professor Fleming teaches fifteen CA Bar Exam subjects. He is the founder and creator of a multitude of substantive law review and legal exam prepatory courses including:

  • The Exam Solution®, a substantive law and exam prep series,
  • Fleming’s Legal Exam Writing Workshop,
  • Fleming’s Baby Bar Review,
  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Long Term Bar Review,
  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Short Term Bar Review,
  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Ultimate Bar Tutorial, 
  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Premier Tutorial Bar Review, 
  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Advanced Analysis For The CA Bar Exam, and
  • Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Online Home Study Bar Review.


Professor Jeff A. Fleming founded Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law in 1982 after graduating from Western State University College of Law in CA and passing the bar exam. Professor Fleming served as an adjunct law professor at Western State University College of Law for two years and as an adjunct law professor at the University of West Los Angeles for sixteen years. He currently serves as an adjunct professor at Northwestern CA University of Law.

In 1990, Professor Fleming participated in the essay exam calibration grading session conducted by the CA Bar Examiners, giving him a unique insight into what the Bar Examiners want in a passing answer. He used this experience to author a four-book series of examination writing workbooks that teach the skills necessary to pass law school and bar essay exams. Every course Professor Fleming conducts includes instruction on the analytical and writing skills law students must demonstrate to pass legal essay exams.

Professor Fleming is a consultant to numerous law schools in CA that rely on his exam writing expertise and incorporate his methods and materials into their required curriculum.

Professor Fleming has also published two volumes of multistate MBE questions and answers that cover all subjects tested on the CA Bar Examination. These publications are available in legal bookstores throughout the U.S. 

Professor Fleming maintains a private practice in Orange County, CA, specializing in criminal law.