Bar Review Randolph A. Hintzen, Jr.

I want to thank each of you individually and both of you collectively, for your  thorough, skillful and easy to follow process of approaching and passing the California Bar Exam. Once i embraced the process and applied the step by step method of thinking, outlining and analyzing, the writing down component of the exam was almost automatic. I remember you saying in class ..."if you apply the process correctly, by using your checklists to help you identify issues, and then use your approaches to outline and analyze, the exam will practically write itself..."  You are absolutely 100% correct. I trusted the process, i did what you asked me to do and i was almost surprised by the ease and simplicity by which i was able the navigate and pass the July 2017 administration of the California Bar Exam. Your method works. Period!

I am honored by your request and will gladly appear at any class to offer some advise to current students. Please let me know the dates and location and i am happy to appear, early, to offer what i can to current students. 

Jeff, & Sue, I thank and appreciate you,  more than you will ever know, for lifting me up,  and for training me to become a member of this wonderful profession.

Thank you so much,