Bar Review Kelli McDowell

I passed the July, 2017 Cal Bar Exam. Jeff Fleming, Susan Sneidmiller, and their great team were instrumental to my success.

I have used FFOL courses and materials since my 1L year, and do not believe I could have gotten through law school and the bar without them. That first semester of law school is overwhelming and developing the legal writing style required to pass exams is tough. Fleming's Writing Workshop lays the foundation critical for success on the Baby Bar, final exams and the Bar Exam.

The Baby Bar Course is rivaled by none and by following the instruction and intense boot camp, I passed the FYLSE on the first attempt. The checklists and approaches saved me. If you will be sitting for the Baby Bar, give yourself the best chance of being in the 20% who pass and take the FFOL course.

My study group and I used the Long Term Bar Review to prepare for the Bar Exam. We felt like Jeff Fleming and Susan Sneidmiller were our personal bar tutors. They truly care about your success and will push you when you need it and keep you focused on what is important. Don't try to tackle the Performance Exam alone. Susan is the undisputed Master of the PT and her method works.

I highly recommend Fleming's Fundamentals of Law.