bar Review - Cheryl Harbottle

I passed the February, 2018 bar exam thanks to Fleming’s Bar Review and Fleming’s Performance.

I HIGHLY recommend Fleming’s Fundamental of Law. I am a repeat exam taker. I am dyslexic and it takes a while for the material to stick plus a very slow reader. Fleming’s material is excellent. I hired high priced tutors over the years to teach me the magic tricks of passing the bar, but came to find out there is no trick - you have to know the law front to back, and thanks to Fleming’s I was finally able to do it. I used the Fleming’s material because it is very easy to follow and understand, excellent outlines, inner and outer checklist, and has mnemonics that I could remember.

If you are having difficulties with the performance exams, use Fleming’s. Sue Sneidermiller was amazing with teaching the material. I was very weak on objective memos, but she made them easy, and I passed the 2018 exam with an objective memo. Thank you Sue.

Thank you to all Fleming’s Staff I could not have done it without you.

Cheryl L. Harbottle