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California Bar Exam Review Courses

Go from law student to lawyer with Fleming's bar exam review products that start in your first year and extend through bar review, allowing you to streamline your study time, rely on consistent instruction, and improve your grades.

Why You Need Fleming's Reviews

Learning the law is the first step to success in law school. Demonstrating your ability to apply the law on law school exams is the second step. All Fleming's reviews combine this two-step formula and present it in easy-to-understand lecture presentations.

Review Materials

All Fleming's substantive law reviews come with corresponding subject outlines that include the application approaches, checklists, and strategies you need to succeed on law school exams. When using Fleming's review products, you put yourself in a position to compete and excel on law exams.

  • Advanced Analysis

    Advanced Analysis


    The Complete Collection Advanced Analysis is an online CA bar exam prep course that presents a big-picture overview of each of the 15 subjects test...

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  • Online Long Term Bar Review

    Online Long Term Bar Review


    The Fleming's Online Long Term Bar Review is an online California bar review course digitally recorded for 24/7 online delivery.  Fleming's Online ...

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  • Online Performance Workshop

    Online Performance Workshop


    The Online Performance Exam Workshop is a 4-day course that teaches you a step-by-step method for attacking the 90-minute Performance Exam tested o...

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  • Online Short Term Bar Review

    Online Short Term Bar Review


    The Fleming's Online Short Term Bar Review is a digitally recorded, video bar review course for 24/7 online delivery.  Fleming's Online Short Term ...

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  • Premier Tutorial Package

    Premier Tutorial Package


    Fleming's Premier Tutorial Package is a full-service online California Bar Exam Review course that combines our Online Long Term or Online Short Te...

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