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CA Bar Review

Passing the CA Bar Exam With The Fleming's Edge

Passing the CA bar exam is no easy feat. Not at all. Actually, most California lawyers agree that the CA bar exam is one of the hardest tests in the whole of the United States. It lasts for two days, both in February and July and consists of:

  • - Five hour-long essay questions
  • - A single 90-minute Performance Test
  • - Two hundred multiple-choice questions (MBE — Multistate Bar Examination)

Passing the CA bar exam isn’t about who will be the best lawyer or who is the smartest person in the room. It’s about demonstrating minimum competence, and making the job of a California Bar grader simple in order to assess your exam skill. Despite hardships you may face in order to prepare, with the Fleming's Edge, you will be able to pass the California bar exam.

Fleming's Edge Personal Tutoring Services

If you want to personalize your learning experience, try our personal tutoring services. Our professors of law attorney tutors will help you master any particularly difficult concept or area.

Fleming's Edge Bar Exam Premier Bar Review and Tutoring Services Combined

If you want full emersion in your learning experience, Fleming's Edge Premier Tutorial is for you. Our Premier Tutorial Package provides you with a full-service bar review course and 23-hours of personalized, individual tutoring with our expert private bar exam tutors (who are professors of law and licensed attorneys). You and your bar exam tutor will chart the schedule for your tutorial sessions according to your own personal study needs.

  • Review for your bar review course. Fleming's Advanced Analysis distills each bar exam subject into one-hour video presentations with subject area checklists and exam approaches.

    Bar Review: Advanced Analysis


    The Complete Collection Advanced Analysis is an online CA bar exam prep course that presents a big-picture overview of each subject tested on the C...

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