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Baby Bar Bootcamp


Fleming’s Edge Baby Bar Bootcamp is a baby bar exam prep experience that presents a big-picture review of each subject tested on the FYLSE, together with issue-spotting checklists, approaches, bar exam questions, and model answers.

For each Baby Bar subject, you may write one of the three bar exam sample questions included in the materials, and submit your answer for a personal audio critique by one of our private bar exam tutor attorneys. You will be given personal feedback to identify what you are doing well, what is weak, and what you need to do to correct any weaknesses in order to enhance your essay expertise.

Note: This course is meant to supplement (not replace) our Baby Bar Review Course. However, if you are looking for a concise review, this is the course for you.

Materials Include

Fleming's Edge Baby Bar Bootcamp Express materials cover all three subjects tested on the FYLSE. The materials include:

✅ 1-Hour Video lessons each for Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. Corresponding outlines integrate substantive law with examination analysis

✅ Exam-taking techniques, approaches, and issue-spotting checklists

✅ Practice essay exams with model answers

✅ Written practice exams are submitted to our staff of private bar exam tutor attorneys for feedback to improve analysis, application, organization, and writing skills

✅ eLearning 24-Hour Online Delivery

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