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Baby Bar Exam Focus System - Sold Out

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Fleming's Baby Bar Exam Focus System is a Three Session, Interactive, Online Learning Experience

Nine hours of live instruction broken into three 3-hour sessions

Contracts/U.C.C., Torts, and Criminal Law

✅ Live interaction with the course professor

BONUS: Your own one-on-one session with a private tutor!

Live courses will be recorded for missed sessions. 

Why You Need The Baby Bar Exam Focus System

Bar Examiners evaluate your ability to issue spot, analyze, and apply the law on the essay portion of the exam. Fleming's Baby Bar Focus System emphasizes these valuable skills and provides you with the exam methods and strategies you need to succeed.

Materials Include

This course does not include the Fleming's Baby Bar Review materials. (It is assumed repeat examinees already have the baby bar materials or the baby bar materials will be purchased in conjunction with this course.

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Broadband and Speed Requirements

To participate in the interactive Baby Bar Exam Focus System sessions, you need a minimum broadband internet connection speed of 500Kbps down and 150Kbps up.

Click on to test your internet connection speed. Click the large button "Begin Test" to start. Once the test is completed, you will receive your speed results.

Consider a headset with a microphone for Q&A with the professor. Note: If you experience any connectivity issues using WiFi, you will need to be hardwired to your internet connection.