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Todd Brower

Professor Todd Brower, a Stanford graduate, is a tenured professor at Western State University College of Law who teaches Real Property for the Fleming's Bar Review.


Professor Todd Brower received his Juris Doctor degree in 1980 from Stanford University School of Law. He went on to earn an LL.M at Yale University Law School in 1990.

Professor Brower specializes in Real Property, which he has taught for the Fleming's Fundamentals of Law Bar Review for over twenty years. Professor Brower authored the substantive law outline and exam answers contained in the Fleming's bar review materials that he uses during his Fleming's bar review presentations.


Professor Brower has served as a full-time professor of law at Western State University College of Law since 1983. He specializes in Constitutional Law, Real Property, Sexual Orientation and the Law, Employment Law, and the Supervision of Independent Research Studies by Students.

In addition to Professor Brower’s impressive academic achievements, including many more that are too extensive to list here, he has served on the CA Judicial Council and the Access and Fairness Committee since 1997. From 1999-2008, Professor Brower served as the Chairman of the Board of the Orange County Legal Education Foundation. To date, he has more than forty scholarly publications to his credit.

Professor Brower is a frequent guest professor at esteemed institutions such as The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law, The National Judicial College, The University of Hawaii, and the University of London.

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