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Bar and Law School Tutoring: Substantive Law, Essays, MBE, Performance Test, or any particular need


When you encounter a concept or skill that is difficult to master on your own, meet with a Fleming's attorney who will focus on your personal learning needs and customize your learning experience.

Why You Need Fleming's Private Tutoring

Fleming's attorney tutors personalize your learning experience by customizing each tutorial session to your particular needs. Whether you want to focus on substantive law, essay exams, multiple choice skills, legal writing or professional skills, practice exams with feedback, or any combination of these areas, our attorney tutors structure your sessions to fulfill your individual objectives.

Fleming's attorney tutors are available for private tutoring in person or via online meeting platform. Reserve your tutoring package here and contact our office to schedule your tutoring sessions.

(Note: The eleventh hour is free when you purchase a 10-hour tutoring package.)

We will customize a tutorial package just for you

Call or email our office anytime: 949-770-7030 or CA toll free 1-800-LAW EXAM,

Fleming's is here to help.

Introducing Fleming's Premier Tutorial Package (click here)

Fleming's Premier Tutorial Package is a full-service bar review course combined with 23-hours of private tutorial sessions that are scheduled and customized for your individual needs.