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Constitutional Law II Final Exam Solution

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The Constitutional Law II Substantive Law Final Exam Solution is part of the Exam Solution® series, and is a recorded, 4-hour lecture covering the substantive law with a corresponding substantive law outline and three essay exams with sample answers.


Due Process, State Action, Equal Protection, 13th/ 14th/ 15th Amendments, 1st Amendment Rights, Speech, Association, Press, Religion.


This 4-hour Constitutional Law II Substantive Law lecture combines the substantive rules with exam approaches and checklists. The presentation begins with a comprehensive review of the substantive law with a corresponding substantive law outline. Approaches and checklists are integrated throughout to enhance your legal knowledge and reasoning skills.

Next, two actual practice exams are presented to show you how to prepare for your law school exam. You learn how to interpret the calls of the question and how to spot issues, organize those issues, and write the superior answer based on those issues, using the exam study tips, strategies, and methods you need to succeed.

As an additional bonus, you are given a third legal essay exam to write and submit to our attorney readers for evaluation and grading. You receive a sample answer and detailed, audio feedback via Dropbox from our attorney readers within two weeks of our receipt of your writing sample in Fleming's offices.

This combination of substantive law, legal essay exam analysis with demonstration, and the opportunity for you to have your written work personally evaluated by our attorney readers enhance your legal knowledge and your legal exam issue spotting, analysis, and application skills.