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Fleming's law exam reviews, substantive law outlines, and exam books streamline your study time and provide consistent instruction. Go from law student to lawyer with Fleming's.

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Fleming's offers 6 different bar exam reviews covering all bar subjects and test formats with exam methods, strategies, and CD feedback for every writing assignment you submit for grading.

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February, 2018 Bar Exam Results Are In

February, 2018 Bar Exam Results Are In

The February, 2018 bar exam results are in. For those of you on the list of passing bar candidates, congratulations on your success. You are in an illustrious group. For those of you who are not on the current passing list, stick with it. You are also in an illustrious group of famous, successful lawyers who did not pass at first, who did not give up, and who then passed. 

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Fleming's Performance Exam Workshop - Online and Live

Fleming's Performance Exam Workshop - Online and Live

The Fleming's Performance Exam Workshop is a four-day course that teaches you a step-by-step method with timing and strategy techniques for the 90-minute Performance Test (MPT), using 13 sample exams with model outlines and answers for demonstration. It is available online or live.

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Law Dawg Attacks Exams –

Law Dawg Attacks Exams – "Yo quiero Fleming’s!"

Law school takes more than just barking out legal rules. Impressive as that may seem, any old dog can learn that trick. If you want to unleash your potential and lead the pack, take it from Law Dawg - sink your teeth into law exams with Fleming’s at your side.

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