Fleming's New 90-Minute Performance Exam Online Workshop

The 2017 Fleming's Performance Exam Online Workshop is a brand new 4-day course that teaches you a step-by-step method for success on the 90-minute Performance Test (MPT).

The Workshop begins with a Performance Introduction to explain what the Bar Examiners are looking for in a passing answer. You are then provided with a time-tested method to handle any 90-minute Performance Exam together with outlining, timing, and writing strategies. Nine separate Performance Exams are presented to demonstrate how to implement the Performance method. You are then given the opportunity to write and submit 4 Performance exam answers for personal, audio feedback by Fleming's attorneys.

Law School Exam Writing Guide

If you would like a PDF of 2016 Performance 90-minute exam followed by sample outlines and a model answer, please enter your email address, and you'll be able to download the guidelines thereafter.

WHY YOU NEED THE peformance exam online WORKSHOP

The Performance Exam tests lawyering skills. The Performance Workshop teaches these skills, including how to interpret call instructions, how to navigate through the exam packet within established time parameters, how to gather and organize relevant factual and legal data from the file and library materials, and how to use that information to write a passing answer.

The Fleming's Performance Exam Online Workshop teaches you a step-by-step method that details exam outlining, timing, and writing strategies. You are given thirteen 90-minute Performance exams with sample model outlines and answers to demonstrate proper outlining technique and writing presentation.

The 90-minute Performance Exam has been used as a testing format throughout the United States since 1983. The 90-minute format is new to CA, which has used a 3-hour testing format until February, 2017. As of July, 2017, CA will join the rest of the nation by testing with the 90-minute Performance exam. Be prepared for this new 90-minute testing format with Fleming's Performance Exam Online Workshop.