Oak Brook College of Law


For over 20 years, Fleming’s has worked with the Oak Brook College of Law School and its students to help prepare them for their law school and state-administered exams.

Fleming's is the prepartory course of choice for Oak Brook students preparing for the First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE), also known as the Baby Bar Exam. Several Oak Brook College of Law students who attended the Fleming's Baby Bar Review couse and passed the Baby Bar exam have had their Baby Bar exam answers published by the Committee of Bar Examiners as examples of what the Examiners expect in a passing answer, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the exam skills and techniques that Fleming's provides to Oak Brook law students preparing for the FYLSE.

Oak Brook College of Law students who have attended the Fleming's Exam Writing Workshops and Final Exam Solution reviews have consistently reported increases in their grades and class standing.

In addition to those students who have taken the Fleming's FYLSE preparatory course, Oak Brook College of Law School students who have participated in Fleming's bar review have demonstrated a high rate of success on the exam and have gone on to distinguished careers in the practice of law, including Micah Stanley who, at age 19, graduated and from Oak Brook College of Law School and went on to pass the CA Bar Examination on his first attempt with Fleming's Ultimate Bar Tutorial bar review. Mr. Stanley is one of the youngest law school graduates to have ever passed the Ca Bar Examination.

Two of Mr. Stanley's brothers, Ryan Stanley and Montana Stanley, followed in Micah's footsteps and also passed the CA Bar Examination with Fleming's Ultimate Bar Tutorial bar review. 

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