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FYLSE Baby Bar Reviews

Fleming’s Baby Bar Prep Course is an intensive four-day course offering the most advanced complete program of instruction and written materials available to students preparing to take the Baby Bar Examination.

This workshop integrates substantive law with examination analysis. FFOL teaches and clearly demonstrates the application of law to hypothetical facts, a skill that is essential to pass each section of the Baby Bar Examination.

Attention 1L's: Take this Course and Kick-Start Your First Semester!


Fleming's Baby Bar Review materials cover all three subjects tested on the FYLSE. The materials include:

✅ Video lessons for Contracts (and UCC), Torts, and Criminal Law;

✅ Corresponding outlines integrate substantive law with examination analysis;

✅ Exam-taking techniques, approaches, and issue-spotting checklists;

✅ 155 essay exams with model answers and passing student answers;

✅ 1,200 real MBE's licensed by the National Committee of Bar Examiners;

 BONUS! Fleming's Legal Exam Writing Workbook.

Written practice exams are submitted to our staff of attorney readers for feedback and sample answers to improve analysis, application, organization, and writing skills.